CollegeEntranceTestPrep provides a working demonstration platform to support the Mastering Math Series of e-books. The latest version of the application is available for purchase by those that can not use HSCETP (Free for ACT or SAT for any US Public Hgh School Student) or MILCETP (Free for both the SAT and ACT for anyone with a .mil e-mail address) at a flat rate of $49.95USD for full access to the application.
Student Instructions

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    After Registration you may elect to purchase the product. This will give you access to all the Problem Types as well as both the Official SAT practice test and Official ACT practice test Scorecards.

  • Coach Instructions
    Any Coach (Parent/Teacher/Tutor) can sign up for free. You can connect up to THREE students to your account at no charge.

    If you wish to extend the application to allow you to connect to more students or to use the Groups application so you can create Groups of students, you can purchase access to those advanced features once you have logged in.

    Coaches can log into their account from the above selection box. In addition you can Recover Passwords as well as do your initial Registration and Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

    About CollegeEntranceTestPrep.com
    College Entrance Test Prep helps a student learn the math content that is in the math portion of the SAT and the math portion of the ACT.

    Students using this site get free unlimited access to the ACT and SAT Problem Types from a limited set of the over 500 Problem Types through the EduCAD-ST Socratic Tutor. Students have the option to purchase full access to both the Official SAT and Official ACT books practice tests Scorecards, which will also open all the Problem Types. This purchase will create a full access account for the student at HSCETP.com after the purchase is completed.

    So, based on who you are... click on one of the following:

    Browser Compatability
    This application is tested and optimized for Firefox and Chrome on PC's and Mac's and most Android products. At this time the application does NOT work on Ipads or in Internet Explorer.

    Exceptionally Boring Details
    CETP works by building a Matrix of the math Problem Types that show up on both the SAT and the ACT by category and difficulty. You can use the Matrix to select the Problem Types you wish to work on in the patented Socratic Tutor application. Another portion of CETP is the Scorecards. These can be used to adapt the Matrix to just those problem types you need to work on based on your answers to the practice tests from the Official SAT and Official ACT test prep books (we don't sell the book, buy then at Amazon, B&N, etc.).

    EduCAD-ST (the Socratic Tutor) generates unique instances of the Problem Types algorithmically so that each Problem presented is a unique instance of the Problem Type selected. If you can not solve the Problem presented you can use a "Show Next Step" button to enter a Socratic Tutorial Mode that walks you through the process of solving that specific Problem. You can continue generating problems of this Problem Type until you get a understanding of how to resolve the Problem Type.

    In order to be most effective, rather than having to go through all 500+ Problem Types, we have hooked into the Official SAT/ACT books Practice Tests. Here you take the timed math section of the Practice test and tell us what you answered right and wrong in a Scorecard for that specific test. We use that data to reduce the number of Problem Types in the Matrix and adapt the Matrix to just those that your answers on the Practice Test indicate you should be working on.

    By using the Scorecards the student is able to get greater focus on what they need to work on in order to learn the content and perfom better on the ACT/SAT test.

    And that is the key. We don't teach tricks and techniques on test taking. We don't teach test taking strategies. We actually work at teaching you the content you need to understand in math to perform better. And by using the Scorecards we adapt to meet your learning needs, making your time in the application more effective.

    What about the Coaching? The fact is that most people work better with a coach than alone. Your Coach can be a parent, a student who is tutoring you, a teacher, a private tutor, a friend who is taking a higher level math class, etc. It should be someone who can watch you work, see what you are doing and help spot where you are having issues. When you have attached to this Coach they can get insight to what you need to focus on from the Scorecards you have completed, but more than that, by seeing what you are doing they can also get insight into where you might need to focus your efforts. Then they can fill a coaching queue that you have access to with the Problem Types where they feel you should be focusing your effort.

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